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Chinese White Pine bonsai – simple, easy, elegant

This is the newborn site of Pacific Coast Bonsai.

Bonsai plants for sale

Buy Japanese maple trees

Here you will find a bonsai tree for sale – exactly the right one for you. Located in our large backyard in Kenmore, Washington. Just north of Seattle. We have little plants in little pots, and bigger plants in bigger pots. All kinds of bonsai plants for sale. And all kinds of Japanese maples too. Buy bonsai here! We sell bonsais in Seattle, Japanese maples in Seattle, and we’re located in Kenmore, Washington, USA, America. Come see us soon!

We can help you with bonsai and Japanese maple supplies. For training, such as wires, ceramic bonsai pots, rubber pieces, etc.

Remigio “Reggie” Peralta – 425 205 9707

Either call or text Karen there. West Coast Time, normal business hours. Buy bonsai and Japanese maples by setting an appointment to come see what we currently have.

bonsai plants for sale

This is a bonsai tree for sale. SOLD

Juniper evergreen. Reggie is still shaping it.  It’s responding well to his wiring. This plant is over eight years old. If you live in the Seattle area, call us and make an appointment. To stop by and view his many other plants, and potentially to buy one if you’d like.


This is another bonsai tree for sale. SOLD

Japanese Black Pine. Nine years old, been in training for about three years. It’s almost three inches in diameter as of April 2019, and could go to about four inches in a few years once it’s totally matured and trained.

buy bonsai tree


Chinese Wisteria. Nine years old. They have pinkish white flowers, and they mature into a very well-shaped bonsai over time.

buy japanese maple trees


Big beautiful Japanese maple. Needs to be shaped and reduced. Ten years old, working on it soon. Lovely as is!

Japanese Maple Red Blood

This bonsai tree for sale is ready now!

Japanese Maple Red Blood. In training for eight years, and it’s ten years old as of April 2019. Buy bonsai while they’re being trained, and finish the training yourself.

And here’s one more sample bonsai tree for sale:


This is a Thunderhead Japanese Black Pine.

It’s 15 years old. Been trained for five years, ready to be taken home and loved.

We have dozens more like these. You can also buy varieties of Japanese maple trees from us. And we have many other types and varieties of bonsai plants for sale.

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